IT Security If you spend more on coffee than on
IT security, you will be hacked.
What's more, you deserve to be hacked.
― White House Cybersecurity Advisor, Richard Clarke
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“Computer security can simply be protecting your equipment and files from disgruntled employees, spies, and anything that goes bump in the night, but there is much more. Computer security helps ensure that your computers, networks, and peripherals work as expected all the time, and that your data is safe in the event of hard disk crash or a power failure resulting from an electrical storm. Computer security also makes sure no damage is done to your data and that no one is able to read it unless you want them to”

Bruce Schneier, Security Expert

IT Security Services from Northeastpc

      • Security advice
      • Security audits
      • Disaster recovery planning
      • Business continuity planning
      • Firewall supply and configuration
      • Anti-virus and anti-malware software
      • Offsite backups and data storage

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    Security Products

    • Ultra-secure anti-virus protection to physical and virtual endpoints on Windows, Linux and Mac OS
    • Protect – Detects, anticipates and takes action on known viruses, ransomware and zero-day threats quickly.
    • Control – Endpoint Security Relay allows you to remote control of all endpoints from one central system for greater efficiency
    Acronis Backup Cloud
    • Cloud or local back-up
    • Bare-metal recovery
    • Data stored in the UK
    • Pay only for what you use
    • Open to all Servers / VMs / Workstations
    • Flexible Storage Option
    • 100% Control
    Kerio Control Firewall
    • Comprehensive network protection and intelligence
    • ICSA Labs-certified firewall
    • VPN services
    • Internet load balancing and failover
    • Content and Web filtering
    • Available as Software, Virtual or all-in-one Hardware Appliances